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进行launched Black Salt Cleansing Line for fine dust 2017-06-27

Fine dust is bad twice a week, so lets have simple skin care with the special cleanser against fine dust!

Goodal, a naturalism brand of CLIO(CEO: HAN Hyeon-ok), embodying Koreas great nature
has launched 5 categories of Black Salt Cleansing Line.

Recently, even this week including Monday and Tuesday,
the air in Seoul was bad because of fine dust which is threatening the health of both respiratory organ and skin.
As well known, fine dust is very tiny, a fifth of pore.
It is difficult to perfectly cleanse the fine dust which gets into the skin, so it deteriorates acne and skin immunity, leading to many skin troubles. 

Skin care to deal with fine dust is getting important,
increasing the number of cleansing such as the 1st and 2nd cleansing is recommended, but
frequent cleansing can make the skin dry as it takes out even necessary water and oil inside the skin.
Therefore, the choice of cleansing products is significant.

Accordingly, Goodal has launched Black Salt Cleansing Line for fine dust
according to 5 categories of foam, oil, water, mousse, and bubble cleansers.
Goodals Black Salt is suitable for deep cleansing that removes fine dust and moisturizes the skin
by mixing Jejus pure sea salt full of mineral and black sea plant full of nutrient.
Black Salt Cleansing Line has been launched with a function to remove fine dust and cleanse impurities,
meeting various consumer needs.

Black Salt Deep Cleansing Foam in a sticky glue stick form absorbs fine dust of pores, pushes it outside the skin,
and exfoliates old dead skin cells in pores with fine salt scrub.
Black Salt Deep Cleansing Oil removes moisture-oil mixed makeup and fine dust mildly yet perfectly,
so makes the skin fresh and clean.
Black Salt Deep Cleansing Water has an oleophilic ingredient that absorbs makeup and fine dust once it touches the skin,
and hydrophilic ingredient that leaves only moisture on the skin after cleansing, thereby keeping the skin moisture.
Black Salt Deep Cleansing Mild Bubbles elastic bubble enables moist deep cleansing even for sensitive skin without irritation
while minimizing friction between the skin and the hand by mildly rubbing makeup and fine dust.
Lastly, Black Salt Deep Cleansing Mousse features melting whip mousse that discharges impurities out of the skin and draws moisture,
so it makes the soft and fresh skin after cleansing by absorbing into the skin as snow melts.
Especially, this product peels fine dust and old impurities
and has a function of cleansing, massage, and peeling at the same time.

Goodal Black Salt Cleansing Line 5 Categories launched for the people with cleansing troubles due to daily fine dust
are on sale in Club CLIO stores nationwide,
and Black Salt Deep Cleansing Foam, Black Salt Deep Cleansing Mousse, and Black Salt Deep Cleansing Oil
can be purchased in online shopping malls such as CLIOs ( and Goodals shopping malls (