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Elegant Tenderness♬ 2016-12-30

What is the secret of the clear skin of Ms. Hwang (Jeongeum)?
​She, who caught both work and love, seems to be getting more and more beautiful after she married.
I was badly wondering about the secret of the immaculate and clear skin without blemishes!

▲ I was able to check through a video.
I have been one of those enthusiastic to remove the keratin for the while and
it is said that the keratin is playing a role of the first skin in protecting the inner skin, so you should not peel it off too much!
It is said that the keratin itself should be, not removed or peeled off but managed.
Goodal keratina anti-aging double serum managing the keratin healthy and clear
I wanted to apply it quickly to see what it would feel like when I saw the video.

​It''s also broadcasted as a recommending item on Get It Beauty.
As it is an item that artist Sim Hyunseop recommended, I can trust it!
As the ingredients of this product are divided into the water soaking wild raspberry and natural seed oil layer
It is said that the efficacy ingredients are activated more by shaking ♥

It could be applied abundantly because it has a large quantity compared to price.

Goodal keratina anti-aging double serum
​70ml / 29.000 won
Tada! - It is prettier in actual look than seen on the screen! pretty.
The feeling of pinky color is feminine.

Bio-simulated water ratio absorbed most comfortably on the skin
3(oil) : 7(moisture)
It has the golden ratio that is absorbed most comfortably on the skin.
Natural seed oil fills nourishment into keratin,
strengthens the resilience, and forms a moisturizing film which prevents evaporation of moisture.
After all, it makes skin with resilience!!!
The water soaking wild raspberry, the main ingredient of double serum, 
stewing efficacy component for a long time in pure low-temperature water,
after removing the impurities and skin irritants with the ''immersion'' technique,
makes moisturized the skin which is abundant with dry and rough keratin.

As these ingredients manage the keratin which are the first skin healthy,
instant anti-aging is possible! ​

They look very pretty as seeing the water soaking wild raspberry and natural seed oil layer like this.
​Anti-aging double serum has a nickname of ‘the second floor Serum’ ♥

Shake well before the use so that the oil and water layer are evenly mixed.

If you shake it, the divided layers are mixed into one.

Because it is a pumping type, it is convenient to put it on cotton pad or hand..

It is slightly diluted but absorbs very quickly.
It features an incredibly fresh finish feeling without stickiness.
The surface itself is smooth - smooth!

When reapplying it, it still has fascinating finish feeling.

I was able to experience the double effect of the moisture layer and the oil layer.

It usually takes days or months to show the effect in case of items of other companies, but
Goodal keratina anti-aging double serum glows as soon as applying ♥
As my skin is so dry, it feels shiny and looks very good after applying!
The skin texture itself softens and gets moist and
the skin light effect is clearly visible.
And the most important transparency!!!! It looks much clearer than before.
It manages the skin care and anti-aging with a two-layer serum at once!

Especially the gentle fragrance, and fresh and comfortable feeling
I feel better every time I apply it!
On chilly and dry days like these days, skin care has to be more focused. 
As the skin itself gets pinky and alive with vitality, the skin comes to look younger!

With the moisture feeling of the water soaking wild raspberry and the coating of natural seed oil once more,
the skin becomes moist and shines again. Skin keratin management needs 365 days~~~★
I applies it at night before going to bed, and the next morning I still feel transparent and moist, so it seems to make my make-up good.
Any way, I have pores, but I am very satisfied with the feeling of myself who look younger for years since the irregularities are much reduced and the shine returned!
I am very satisfied with this item worthy of the recommendation of Get IT Beauty.
I feel much better because I have heard a lot of talks about my improved skin!
☞ A gift for my neighbors who come to my blog frequently ☜
I''ll provide you coupon numbers so you can buy at a 30% discount
3 types of keratin anti-aging double line at Goodal Mall, Club Clio, and Online Mall.
Keratin anti-aging double cream GA665071
Keratin anti-aging double serum light GA692140
Keratin anti-aging double serum GA701042
​Period of use – until October 31