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Ryunikeu Tori 2016-12-30
How have you been? It''s Ryunique Tori~*
The second item I''ve used as Goodal baseline line,
Times stay +ㅁ+
Every woman has a fear of aging… and,
though it''s a functional line that can keep you in control from 20s’ early aging,
I think it is an item to care without stimulation ~

Time stay line contains saponin ingredient.
Containing thickly the ingredient good to skin, which is made by steaming and drying the ginseng of Hongcheon, Gangwon-do nine times, 
It’s an item that gives resilience to skin.
I have used toner, essence emulsion, cream, and eye cream~!

My biggest skin anxiety is the resilience of pores!!!
Increasingly, the pores are noticeable and the skin looks not resilient.
I am constantly using whitening items but 
the firming line has not been frequently used because there are a lot of rich items.
However, as Goodal firming cream which I used this time is fresh like a moisturizing cream
It seems that I felt free to use.


First of all, I will show you the items I have used in stages.
time stay firming toner / 150m / 27,000 won
It''s a transparent toner but, doesn’t it really look like a ginseng concentrate?
The finish feeling like high-concentration ampoules that can fill the skin firmly and tightly
with ginseng ingredients stewed thickly and the water soaking ginseng flowers

If you apply it to the skin, there is no stickiness and it seems applying a nutritional serum!!!
You can feel it absorbed with foming droplets of the toner.
I really fascinated after trying it!!
The toner and firming cream among 4 types of items felt most favorite.

The emulsion used after the toner also contains saponin and,
in the middle of essence and lotion with a little bit more dilute formulation than lotion,
it seemed that it functions dually combining essence and emulsion.
It was a good item to match balance between oil and moist.
150ml / 27,000 won

Doesn’t the skin seem to revive a little more than before the use?
Compared to the existing firming items,
it''s certainly lighter and full of moisture, and so you feel free to use in summer~.
Even if I attach and detach my palm on my cheek, there is no sticky feeling and it feels neat!

And the most favorite firming cream of mine!!!
50ml / 32,000 won
As a cream filled with ginseng saponin ingredient, containing 35% of micro-firming ingredient,
it can maintain my young skin.
As ''multi-lamella'' structure, which is a similar ingredient to our skin,
for the young skin because it strengthens the base skin barrier firmly,
recommendable firming cream item~~
I wanted to use it consistently!

It is translucent cream and has a similar formulation to gel cream~ !!!
Do you see it full of moisture?
It is really moist and absorbed cool when it touches the skin.

As it tightens the texture of skin and fills the moisture passage of the skin,
I think it would be good for the wrinkle care around eyes, too!
It''s applied smoothly and full of moisture feeling, so I feel free to use it.

Finally, let’s finish with eye cream~~~ !!
As cream items contain spatulas like this,
I was able to use it neatly.
30ml / 33,000 won

With ginseng and the water soaking ginseng flowers, I''ll try to care around the eyes~~~
After applying by tapping eye cream on drooped eye rims,
apply the cream delicately and~
massage the eye rims like drawing a circle from outside to inside and
practice acupressure by pressing the bones under the eyes and the eyebrow bones gently!!

As strong cream melts into the skin, nourishes, and moisturizes,
it is best to care the wrinkles around the eyes!!!
Though applying eye cream is really annoying, but….!!
don’t forget to apply it….. It makes definite difference.


Sparkling ~!! with smooth skin texture, full of moisture feeling, and full of nutritional feeling~
Goodal time stay basic line possible to care!!!
Meticulously from the initial aging management!! Especially recommend firming cream... this one
I really felt fascinated ~ +ㅁ+
You can meet the item at Club Clio, Goodal Online Mall, and GS Wansons.
Test it at a nearby store.
Here goes news about Lucky Box Event memorizing the 200 thousand unit sales of Goodal ''moisture barrier cream''~
Period: From Monday, June 27 to the exhaustion of limited quantity
Price: 30,000 won
Composition: Random configuration of items worthy of at least 60 ~ 130 thousand won (51%~77% discount)
For reference, all boxes contain 
a moisturizing barrier cream worthy of 28,000 won~ !!
Does it seem to be an unconditional benefit? 
As Lucky Box can be purchased  
on Goodal homepage and Club Clio on-offline,
I hope you will remember it by all means.